Travel Professionals International (TPI) TPI was created by Morris Chia in 1994 and assist in making Jaime's business dreams a reality in 2009!  

Shortly after the Magical Trips Travel Network was born with Jaime mentoring new advisors who wanted to work directly with her and her team.

TPI is recognized as a Canadian leader in travel industry marketing and support services for Independent Travel Advisors.

They receive immediate and international recognition through their appointment with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and affiliations with such industry organizations as the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA), the Association of the Canadian Travel Agents (ACTA), the better Business Bureau (BBB), and provincial license registration under the BC Travel Act and the Travel Industry of Ontario (TICO) councils.

Travel Professionals International is one of the top 10 agencies affiliated with the luxury travel network; Virtuoso.  The Magical Trips Network is honoured as on of TPI's top members to be part of this affiliation.

The Magical Trips Travel Network is recognized as one of the leading groups within the TPI family.  Jaime Murphy was honoured with numerous awards through her company Magical Trips Inc. since becoming affiliated with TPI including Velocity Gold in her first year of business, Rising Star 2010, earned Velocity Platinum (TPI's top status) in her second year, and as Group Leader of the Magical Trips Travel Network, she was named a member of the TPI's Chairman's Circle since the inaugural year.  As a Group - the Magical Trips Travel Network continues to receive Velocity Platinum (TPI's top status) annually.  The members of the Magical Trips Travel Network are considered Independent Referral Representatives within the TPI family.

Sherry Myles was awarded the top referral advisor within the TPI network.

​Jaime  was also part of the TPI's advisory board representing TPI advisors located in Newfoundland and Labrador from 2015 to 2017.

Backed by a head office support system of over 50 highly skilled travel professionals, a world-class reservation system and excellent supplier relationships, The Magical Trips team has the support they require to make all your travel dreams a reality!